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UX Poster Campaign
Accelerating UX Maturity at Allscripts

Allscripts is a global leader in healthcare IT providing electronic health records (EHR), population health, patient engagement, and revenue cycle management solutions. In general, healthcare IT is behind in UX maturity with few companies having dedicated UX professionals on staff. I joined the small Allscripts UX team in the summer of 2012. The team consisted of a handful of designers, researchers and one clinician. UX was not a mandate so teams could choose to use or not use our services. The UX maturity level of most solution teams was between level 1 (hostility toward UX) and level 2 (developer-centered design). We needed to help Allscripts mature faster and step one was to help educate the product teams on the science of good design.


As their UX approach matures, organizations typically progress through the same sequence of stages, from initial hostility to widespread reliance on user research.
Jakob Nielsen

A total of 5 posters were created, each providing data, examples, and recommended design patterns. The hope was the solution team members would use the information to improve their products and eventually reach out to the UX team for support. 


The first topic we addressed was color deficiency since it's estimated to impact healthcare workers at a high rate than other industries. This poster set the template for the remaining infographics which covered Fitts Law, Visual Clutter, Data-Driven Design, and Cognitive Tax.

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