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Empathy Campaign
Building empathy for our users​

Most Allscripts employees have little to no interaction with the end-users of our products. This guerilla campaign was targeted at the developers, writers, business analysis and support team to help build empathy for the clinicians we support. Clinicians, especially doctors, are perceived to be elite so there's little compassion for the struggles they endure. The messages were designed to humanize these healthcare workers and highlight the burdens many face day in and out.


The flyers were designed to be engaging and to spur water cooler talk and resharing across the organization. We intentionally wanted to play off the sensational headlines one would see in the tabloids. Employees would take down the flyers to hang up in their cubes or team space.

These flyers were distributed after hours in breakrooms, conference rooms, stairwells, and restrooms. A few days after a blog post would appear on our internal channels that shared articles highlighting clinician burnout and a call to support UCD activities.


Two-thirds of physicians reported feeling burned out. 24% of clinicians directly blame the transition to electronic health records (EHRs) for the challenges they experience.
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