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dbMotion Patient View
Redesigning a Full Patient Picture​

dbM Imaging.png

As part of a technology uplift, dbMotion decided to consolidate their Agent and Clinical Viewer applications into a single application. The team also wanted to better understand and support their users’ needs, wants, and pain points, as well as, improve the user interface experience. We preformed user shadowing at three client sites and observed real-time usage of the dbMotion products and interviewed multiple end-users. 

We identified two major user types:

  • Hunter/gatherer – use the applications to look for specific information and then leave once it is found.

  • Explorer – seek detailed information about the patient to give a fuller clinical picture.


We created simple interaction patterns that support a user's ability to quickly scan, find, review, and delve into the clinical data for a patient.


dbMotion Patient View is a supplemental tool and must be designed in a way that makes it a “helper” for our clients and supports getting them important clinical information in the most direct way possible.
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